Our Mission

To develop and foster our clients by delivering positive experiences. We are committed to science, technology, and problem solving for the energy community.

HSEQ 360: Our Safety Culture

Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality are non-negotiable necessities that quantify a company’s priorities, values and focus. We believe our success extends through project execution and ends only when our people return home unharmed, with no negative impact on the environment and resources.

To fulfill and transcend this promise, BlueFin confirms a safe culture of engagement and ownership—a symbiotic approach amongst all commercial facets, where one component depends upon the other for complete success. This culture is HSEQ 360.

Our 360 degree synergetic model centralizes on incident free performance, starting with people and our environment and encompassing resources. In order to deliver this promise BlueFin will demonstrate unwavering dedication to the cooperative HSEQ 360 degree model that acknowledges, supports, and aims to meet the following principles:

  • Proper engagement of our workforce through technical training and professional development
  • Execution of operations with formal work plans
  • Measurement and evaluation of employee performance
  • Compliance with the laws, standards, and policies of the government and customers in which we perform work
  • Promote, encourage, and support Stop Work Authority
  • A mindset of respect for all people
HSEQ 360 a symbiotic appraoch amongst all commercial facets, where one component depends on the other for complete success.
— Bryan Benoit, Vice President | CHSEQ & Risk Management

Behavioral Based Safety

Our behavioral based safety program is designed to achieve a transformation from isolated reporting of issues to a more holistic approach by observing one another to promote awareness and correct behavioral practices. The cornerstone of this valuable tool is an observation technique agreed upon by our senior committee. We seek to improve our way of performing tasks by identifying those things we take for granted that can and should be improved upon when possible.

We not only look at the obvious, tangible, visual behaviors, but also tend to look deeper into each other’s normal behavior and compare it to what we observe at the moment to ensure that our coworker is able to manage his work while contemplating other outside influences. Work processes, procedures and overall progress is gauged by taking a few minutes out of our work day to notify an individual of your intention to observe their work technique and compare it to what we all agree is the proper way to perform the task or event. We promote giving each other feedback on that performance and encourage improvement while also noting a behavior that may not be desirable.

By monitoring one another’s progress, holding each other to a higher standard of behavior, we improve ourselves by encouraging good practices and helping to eliminate those behaviors that can be detrimental to our organization, our customers, the public, and our goals.

Trend analysis helps to monitor this progress and by doing so, can virtually predict where we need to focus our attention. Reporting these trends throughout the organization allows each individual to compare theoretical issues to actual trending performances. The keys to our success are simple. Pay attention to those around you. Consider your fellow team member. Execute tasks with mental awareness and clarity. Practice Stop Work Authority.

We seek to improve our way of performing tasks by identifying those things we take for granted that can and should be improved upon.

Personnel Training

At BlueFin, we regard operator training as priority standards which measure one’s ability to perform specific tasks, functions, and roles. We believe that everyone is accountable for knowing their job responsibility, their task at hand, the risks such tasks entail, and how to manage and curtail those risks. We believe in training people throughout our entire organization, from our shop mechanics to our field technicians and supervisors, for every possible situation.

Operator training is customized and specific to our equipment, our policies, and our processes. Operator training is performed by BlueFin managers. Supervisors and lead technicians oversee field technicians in the duration of jobs, in order to ensure their skill set and competence level prior to performing the work individually.

Our goal is to ensure that all employees are fully trained, aware of, and know how to handle the different situations that occur on projects. This education and knowledge enables our technical group to provide the safest operation throughout each individual project.

Education and knowledge enables our technical group to provide the safest operation throughout each individual project.
— Jason Broussard, Vice President | Operations

Quality Management System

A quality management system organizes, measures, and records the processes that are identified by an organization to have a specific priority and value metric. The QMS should, furthermore, support the company’s forward strategy by incorporating an improvement and audit process.

BlueFin’s commitment to such quality assurance and control remains visible to our customers, and the results show in our organization’s success and strength in the market.

As a testament to our QMS dedication, BlueFin is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company. Such industry benchmarks are popularly touted but rarely unobtainable in the service energy markets. Our promise to focus on a system that delivers excellence to our customers and employees will remain a priority.

BlueFin considers Quality an integral component to our business, and the purpose of maintaining this program is to ensure our clients receive the highest quality equipment and service possible. This program encompasses the quality management system for all aspects of BlueFin in order to streamline business, increase productivity, and promote company recognition within the oil and gas community. We strive for Excellence Delivered, and the road map to achieve this goal is 100% commitment to our Quality Management System.
— Ducky Pugh, COO

Our Values


We strive to create a work culture that constantly challenges and expects superior performance in every aspect of our business. We remain adaptable. We are problem solvers.

Continuous Learning

We engage our people to utilize their individual raw talent and intelligence by encouraging a culture of debate, feedback and innovation.


We honor spiritual principles and practices. We encourage and respect individual freedom to place God at the center of our work.


We measure responsibility so we can deliver on our promises. Perseverance, responsiveness, tenacity and ownership are key indicators for this measurement.


Strength, work ethic, positivity, and leadership allow us do the right things for the right reasons.


We are focused on planning and forward thinking. We promote and utilize the best practices and processes so our people return home unharmed, with no negative impact on the environment and resources.


We use our strengths to aggressively pursue our craving for excellence.


We are committed to our employees and to our customers. We encourage a work environment that communicates loyalty, recognition, and dedication. We acknowledge these partnerships as driving forces behind our success—past, present and future.


We focus on collaboration, partnerships, and alliances to drive our success.

Key Team Members

david pugh

David Pugh


Mr. Pugh offers a diverse background in business management on various levels. His knowledge in combined financial and operational leadership brings tremendous value to the BlueFin team structure. Mr. Pugh has extensive experience with, and has engineered and implemented processes and tools deployed by the companies service offerings. His skills have lead BlueFin into becoming a unique service provider, ultimately driving growth. He has focused the company on ensuring and implementing metrics of QMS, including ISO standard specifications. Mr. Pugh is an Alumni member of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a B.S. in civil engineering. Mr. Pugh also completed an extended executive education program (LYSB) at Harvard Business School.

bryan lipari

Bryan Lipari

VP of Business Development

Mr. Lipari offers a strong background in general business management. His professional experiences and exposure deliver a wealth of intuitive knowledge about market history, business culture, and customer relationship management. As a thorough communicator in business planning and forecasting, Mr. Lipari has guided BlueFin’s sales group to maintain a strong commitment to business ethics and sales policy. Mr. Lipari is an Alumni of the University of New Orleans with a B.A. in business administration.

jason broussard

Jason Broussard

VP of Operations

Mr. Broussard has a strong background in project management, quality control systems, and personnel management. This experience has guided Mr. Broussard to his current position at BlueFin as he continually demonstrates his ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and thoroughly. Tasked with the responsibility of managing all of the daily operations of BlueFin’s portfolio, Mr. Broussard has assisted in BlueFin’s current success rate as industry leader. Mr. Broussard previously served 8 years with the State of Louisiana at the Department of Environmental Quality. Mr. Broussard is an Alumni of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a B.S. in environmental science.

bryan benoit

Bryan Benoit

VP | CHSEQ & Risk Management

Mr. Benoit carries 26 years of HSE and risk management experience. His professional exposure to safety systems, contractual management, insurance alignments, and incident investigative techniques have enabled BlueFin to further secure an industry leading position within their respective service markets. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, Mr. Benoit is an active member of the Gulf Coast Safety and Training Group, has held past membership status on several GoM contracting steering team committees, and liaised for improved Safety and Health involvement by the Major Operators in the various stages of Behavior Based Safety Systems.

Kerry Broussard

Kerry Broussard

VP | Completions

Mr. Broussard has over 35 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, primarily in a Management and Operations role.  He began his career in the industry working in the directional drilling sector of the market.  He later made the move to completions primarily focusing on downhole chemical injection and subsequently reservoir monitoring.  

Mr. Broussard is a former principal of NOVA Technology, an O&G service company that focused on global deep-water reservoir monitoring and downhole chemical injection.  His involvement in the design and fabrication of new industry components and equipment used to provide Multi-Line Services (MLS) was instrumental in the growth of that specialized product line which has become a core business of many of the major service companies on a global aspect. Mr. Broussard is an Alumni of the University of Southwest Louisianawith a B.S. in Business Administration. 

lacy prioux

Lacy Prioux

Business Group Manager | Mechanical Services

Mr. Prioux extinguishes his professional skill sets with a balance of ingenuity and focus. His past professional affiliations demanded thoroughness and attention to detail, which have proven fruitful in his managerial responsibilities with BlueFin’s service division. Tasked with the initial start-up and organization of BlueFin’s Mechanical group, Mr. Prioux has a proven track record that demonstrates professionalism and responsibility. Mr. Prioux is an Alumni of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

jason foster

Jason Foster

Director of Business Development

Mr. Foster leverages his passion for people and his education of people against his desire to become a proven leader. Mr. Foster invested his initial years in BlueFin with the pipeline and process segment, serving as project manager with responsibilities that included department platform initiatives and development, department standard operating procedures and estimating standardization. His current managerial responsibilities are inclusive of business development matters that cover sales personnel management, company marketing and branding initiatives, intelligence gathering and strategic goal setting, business plan preparation, and industry association networking. Mr. Foster is an Alumni of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BA and MA in Liberal Arts.

Marcus Broussard

Marcus Broussard

Manager of Business Development


Social Responsibility

Our “Human First” campaign defines our social footprint, in our community and beyond. Our legacy to the communities we work in, to our clients, and to our employees is directly proportional to our growth, our success, and the things we choose as investments. “Human First” will help forge and align our principal business values. Our endurance: to be a socially responsible and ethical organization.

In order to endure this responsibility, BlueFin strongly believes in giving back—to people, aligned causes, and worthwhile needs. Our philanthropies include, but are not limited to, education, children’s health initiatives, environmental sustainability, charitable organizations, and volunteerism of time and resources. Our goal is to encourage our company’s actions towards the positive impact of the consumer, community, and employee responsibility. To this end we will endure our devotion to excellence.