EelReel - 6-inch x 5,900 ft

A GoM operator experienced problematic pressure differentials over a period of time, ultimately resulting in a completely plugged 6” flowline. Heavy paraffin solids completely plugged the flowline and prevented the transportation of liquid product. Upon an evaluation of available remediation methods, an extended reach mechanical solution was selected.


  • Diameter: 6 inch

  • Length: 5900 feet

  • Pipe Schedule: 80

Scope of Work

Mechanically remediate the flow line with patented eelReel technology.


  • Plugged flowline shut in production with no other means of product transportation.

  • 48-hour window of notice for planning and execution.

  • Riser access for flowline unavailable.

Plan of Execution

  1. Project Pre-planning

    1. Assessment and evaluation of previous work performed on the pipeline provided sound engineering procedure.

    2. Fluid handling and chemical equipment SME provided valuable risk management and hazard identification.

  2. Project Preparation and Setup

    1. Expedited planning and engineering enabled the client to respond quickly.

    2. SME with pipeline infrastructure enabled quick identification of proper tie-in connection and associated equipment.

  3. Project Execution

    1. SIMOPS operations alongside marine vessel operators and coil tubing contractor.

    2. Cantilever system enabled the pipeline to be lifted from the sea floor to the marine Liftboat for tool accessibility and launch.

Technical Achievements & Benefits

  • Executed 24-Hour SIMOPS schedule.

  • Patented tool design allowed for variance of back pressure control, which enabled single-run trips and minimal wear on tool infrastructure. This advantage greatly minimized the job schedule and project costs compared to other available pipeline remediation technology.

  • Successfully removed 180 bbls heavy paraffin throughout the pipeline.

  • Tool mobilization within 48 hours of notice.

  • Successful re-use of chemical throughout the project prevented unwarranted waste.

  • Open flowline resulted in restoring production to full capability.

  • Projected completed with zero incidents and no environmental impact.