LiquiGel® Delivers Compliant Abandonment & Liquid Product for Sale

A Gulf of Mexico upstream operator required pipeline abandonment solutions for one 6 inch pipeline. The operator’s permitted Department of Interior (DOI) decommissioning obligation required a seawater flush volume equal to 110% of the internal pipeline capacity.

Pipeline: 6” x 24.75 miles


  1. Comply with the federal pipeline hydrocarbon free protocols.
  2. Reroute all liquids onto the adjacent receiving platform and account for all liquids by means of a temporary LACT unit.
  3. Achieve a successful static sheen test on the customers pipeline system post flushing procedure.
  4. Provide an alternative solution that would mitigate the risk of mechanical pig failure, but also maintain a clear interface between the pipeline fluids.


Engineer a multiphase procedure to achieve both an accurate measurement and delivery of the operator’s liquid product downstream, and a complaint pipeline system permitted for abandonment.

Technical Achievements & Benefits

  • LiquiGel® Pig Technology insured a clean interface between the pipeline fluids in order to keep oil below 3% BS&W.
  • DynoWash® De-Oiling solvent encapsulated and assisted in the removal of hydrocarbons out of the pipeline system.
  • Identical tie-in points for the LiquiGel® Pig Technology and the seawater displacement.
  • No pig launchers/receivers required.
  • Mitigated concerns of pipeline internal integrity or mechanical pig failure.
  • LiquiGel® Pig Technology and pipeline cleaning system minimized project extensions compared to routine flushing procedures requiring a successful static sheen requirement.
  • The LiquiGel® Pig system traveled a total 49 miles without composition degradation.