8-inch Reinstatement

Technical expertise and responsive management provide GoM operator with a successful offshore gas pipeline reinstatement.

Location: Gulf of Mexico, Continental Shelf


28 miles


A GoM upstream operator obtained a 28-mile section of 8-inch pipeline through property acquisition. The said infrastructure was used for natural gas transmission by the former operator, and was since temporarily abandoned for planned future utilization.

In order to move forward with recommissioning the asset for gas transmission use, the new operator required pre-commissioning services that aligned with federal regulations and policies.

Scope of Work

The said reinstatement resulted in multiple pipeline integrity needs: internal pipeline flooding, pipeline cleaning, an 8-hour approved hydrostatic pressure test, and pipeline de-watering.

Plan of Execution

1. Pipeline Flushing:

  • Mechanical pigging systems
  • High volume, low pressure pumps
  • Filtered seawater
  • Water sampling & analysis

2. Pipeline Cleaning (Management of Change):

  • Chemical Solvent

3. Hydrostatic Pressure Test:

  • 12-hour pressure stabilization period
  • 8-hour approved pressure test

4. Pipeline Dewatering:

  • Nitrogen and mechanical pigging systems
  • Test medium discharged into production system

Technical Achievements

  • Successfully executed (4) four Management of Change (MOC) orders to accommodate for unknown solids in the pipe line.
  • Real time, responsive chemical engineering provided total-approach solution for unknown, contaminated pipeline conditions.
  • Executed 24-Hour SIMOPS schedule to complete SOW for a moving finish date.
  • Successfully reinstated 8-inch pipeline.
  • Jobs completed with zero incidents and no environmental impact.