Barge Pre-Commissioning

Integrated mechanical and pipeline services provide bundled solutions for independent GoM operator.

Location: Louisiana

Pipeline Specifications: Topside Production ICP


An operator required the commissioning of two amine and production barge facilities for a successful find in south Louisiana. BlueFin accepted award of the pre-commissioning phase, which entailed all hydraulic bolt torquing tasks forconnection integrity management and ICP hydrostatic pressure testing tasks for leak tests.

Scope of Work

Mechanical Management Program: BlueFin utilized a documentation tracking system to account for individual mechanical components; i.e. piping, valves, fittings, flanges, nuts, bolts and gaskets. The said individual components were cross-referenced in correlation to the
engineered drawing forms and filed accordingly on the job site.

Industrial Bolting Tasks: Flange connections were managed in accordance with the Project Work Plan (PWP). All PWP tasks combined operator’s requirements and regulations with BlueFin’s standard operating procedure (SOP) forhydraulic torquing.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Tasks: Equipment components were hydrostatically pressure tested in accordance with the PWP. All PWP tasks combined operator’s requirements and regulations with BlueFin’s standard operating procedure (SOP) for pressure testing.

Plan of Execution

  • In an effort to meet a fast-track schedule and sufficient time to mitigate corrective actions, the operator necessitated simultaneous operations between the topside contractor and BlueFin. 
  • Pre-job communication demanded a rigorous mechanical management program as key factors for transparent communication, accountability and success of the said scope.
  • Assist topside contractor with assembly and connection of process components through hydraulic bolt torquing.
  • Coordinate and isolate prepackaged piping and prepare for testing operations.
  • Perform hydrostatic pressure testing operations.
  • Remove temporary fittings and equipment required for hydrostatic pressure test.
  • Purge piping of test medium.
  • Perform bolting operations for final production delivery.
  • Provide customer with quality control and quality assurance documentation.

Technical Achievements

  • BlueFin project management support supplied P&ID and ISO review strategy and implemented test system parameters for the pre-commissioning SOW. 
  • Successfully completed 40+ hydrostatic pressure tests.
  • Provided quality control system for the customer.
  • Conducted 24-hour simultaneous operations with two (2) technician crews per shift, in unison with the topside contractor, NDT contractor and corrosion contractor.
  • Jobs completed with zero incidents and no environmental impact.