Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

AES technicians prevent fire risk and restore functionality to mechanical dryer systems.

Location: Deepwater GoM


A GoM deepwater operator experienced problems with differentiating room temperatures of the laundry area compared to other immediate adjoining spaces. In addition, the facility also noted incomplete drying cycles across multiple units. The facility footprint totaled three floors with POB rated for 298 personnel. Each floor contained one laundry area and air extract vent.


Upon completion of a comprehensive site visit, AES management assessed the problem as restricted air flow, due to the accumulation of lint at multiple locations in the exhaust plenum. BlueFin developed a SOW to clean both exhaust ductwork systems.

Technical Achievements

  • Removed 22 total lbs. of debris from the dryer exhaust ductwork.
  • SOW completed without major interruptions to facility operations or living conditions.
  • Project completed without zero incidents or negative environmental impact.
  • SOW completed on schedule and within budget.