Galley Hood Vent Cleaning

AES technical strength prevents fire hazards and eletrical failures on deepwater GoM facility.

Location: Deepwater GoM


A GoM deepwater operator noted an unwarranted leak on the galley hood vent. Upon investigation facility personnel identified the medium as cooking grease. Additionally, facility records indicated a 7-year void in maintenance cleaning. Coupled with maintenance oversight, the leak created a potential electrical failure and fire hazard with other associated appliances. Compressing an immediate need for resolution on this matter was the space configuration of ductwork, galley appliances and other mechanical components.


BlueFin assessed the problem and developed a remediation plan in order to remove the accumulation of grease built up throughout the galley hood vent system.

Upon completion of a comprehensive site visit and walk thru with the client, AES managers developed a SOW to clean the both the galley hood vent and associated ductwork. BlueFin provided the immediate execution and the routine maintenance schedule recommendations.

Product Application Detail: BlueFin Oven Gell Cleaner

Technical Achievements

  • Alleviated potential fire hazards and electrical failures.
  • Removed grease from the internal ductwork and galley hood vent.
  • SOW completed without major interruptions to facility operations or living conditions.
  • Project completed without zero incidents or negative environmental impact.
  • SOW completed on schedule and within budget.