Gas Storage

gas storage

Location: Louisiana

Well Specifications

BOP Stack: 21 1/4” 5M/10M
BOP Height: 65’(H)
BOP Weight: 185 tons


A large North American midstream company operating a gas storage facility required connection integrity management for a planned casing reroute. Due to damaged casing as a result of salt fall within the cavern, the said operator required a large Snubbing stack installation to handle the cavern pressure and capable of cutting 10 3/4” casing.


Develop a project work plan to safely commission a large BOP stack. Partner with the said leading consultant company to properly plan SIMOPS tasks on a 24-hour operation.

Scope of Work

  • (6) Six Connection Integrity of BOP systems
  • (2) Two Hydrostatic Pressure Tests
  • Snubbing loops and risers

Technical Achievements

  • Commissioned one of the largest onshore BOP stacks recorded.
  • Established clear chain of command and communication amongst all contractors.
  • Project completed on time with zero incidents.
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