Gas Storage Pipelines

Qualified personnel and responsive management provide gas storage company with multiple SIM OPS pipeline pre-commissioning scopes of work.

Location: Louisiana


12 inch: 1.4 miles
12 inch: 1,000 feet
24 inch: 2.5 miles
24 inch: 2.5 miles
24 inch: 6.5 miles
36 inch: 11.8 miles


A gas storage corporation commissioned two FERC 7 (c) Interstate facilities in north Louisiana. One facility operates a depleted reservoir natural gas storage facility certified for approximately 17 million Dth (decatherm) of working gas capacity, while the second facility operates a natural gas salt dome certified for 20 million Dth. Each facility planned two interconnect installations, respectively.

Scope of Work

The said gas storage corporation required turn key pipeline installation and commissioning services. BlueFin provided pre-commissioning solutions for multiple transporting and interconnecting pipelines critical for storage operations. The final SOW divided the above mentioned segments into (2) two projects, respective of their individual storage location and operation.

Plan of Execution

1. Pipeline Cleaning:

  • Chemical surfactants
  • Clean rinse water
  • Mechanical pigging systems

2. Mechanical Gauge Runs:

  • 95% tolerance acceptability

3. Pipeline Flooding:

  • Utilization of filtered water from an adjacent natural source

4. Hydrostatic Pressure Test:

  • 4 hour pressure stabilization period
  • 8-hour approved pressure test
  • Redundant data equipment

5. Pipeline Dewatering:

  • Relinquish used test medium into natural surrounding
  • Test medium discharge satisfied state environmental regulations
  • Mechanical pigging systems

6.  Pipeline Air Drying:

  • Oil-free drying systems
  • Mechanical pigging

Technical Achievements

  • Successfully executed Management of Change (MOC) orders to accommodate clean pipe specifications.
  • Real time, responsive chemical engineering provided total-approach solution for unknown, contaminated pipeline conditions.
  • Executed 24-Hour SIM OPS schedule to complete SOW for a moving finish date.
  • Successfully executed hydrostatic pressure tests with PE approval.
  • Jobs completed with zero incidents and no environmental impact.