HVAC Cleaning

IAQ experts restore original functionality to offshore HVAC and exhaust system and deliver healthy living conditions for POB.

Location: Deepwater GoM


A GoM deepwater operator experienced problems with indoor air quality (IAQ). The platform operator specified that the HVAC and exhaust system maintenance program witnessed several years of lapsed attention.

The facility footprint totaled five floors with a POB rating for 120 onboard personnel. While individual floors contained a separate AHU, the facility had an open air return system, requiring the entire ceiling space to be vacuumed for accurate disinfection and cleaning.


BlueFin assessed the problem and developed a remediation plan in order to alleviate the debris accumulation. Upon completion of a comprehensive site visit, AES management developed a SOW to clean and disinfect the HVAC and exhaust systems.

Technical Achievements

  • Improved IAQ.
  • Removed 40.3 total lbs. of debris from the open air return system.
  • Removed 28.5 total lbs. of debris from the bathroom exhaust system.
  • SOW completed without major interuptions to daily facility operations or living conditions.
  • Project completed with zero incidents and negative environmental impact.
  • SOW completed on schedule and within budget.