SlipLine - LA Onshore

Location: Louisiana Onshore

Pipe Specifications: Thermoflex Composite Pipe: 7,684’ of 2.375 inch


A Louisiana operator experienced integrity issues with an existing 4 inch saltwater disposal pipeline. History indicated multiple leaks from the facility to a disposal well approximately 1.5 miles away.

After considerable evaluation, the operator demanded an economic solution to continue production without exceeding the asset’s baseline worth. BlueFin was sought to review the situation and develop a plan of action that would resolve the integrity issues.


Analyze the problem and develop an economic sensitive remediation solution that allows the operator to use the current infrastructure to end-of-life.


BlueFin developed a multiphase approach for secondary containment using the trademarked SlipLine® procedure. The said resolution encompassed specific design criteria, engineering and composite pipe selection based on production history, structural pipe design, geography and future utilization. Once all of the known standards were identified and confirmed, BlueFin issued a project work plan that encompassed the said tasks:

  • Manufactured a custom dual density pig for composite pipe pull-through.
  • Launch custom pig with engineered synthetic rope attached.
  • Fluid pack steel pipeline with water and Friction Reducer (FR).
  • Pull composite conduit through existing steel pipe.
  • Make composite-to-steel pipe connections.
  • Conduct 8-hour hydrostatic pressure test per client policy and state regulations.

Technical Components

  • FR combined with freshwater for pull-through.
  • Payout counter to monitor footage of rope and pipe.
  • Customized footage length was stamped on the composite pipe for footage count for secondary measure.
  • Tracking device for composite pipe location during pull-through process.

Technical Achievements

  • Deferred P&A liability.
  • Restored safe production.
  • Reduced friction pressure.
  • Mitigated corrosion damage from produced water.
  • Decreased maintenance on saltwater pumps due to an increase in rate and a decrease in pipeline pressure.
  • Project completed within budget and saved operator one-third the cost compared to traditional steel pipeline installation.
  • Zero incidents.
  • No environmental impact.