EelReel Remediates 6” Offshore Pipeline

Eel Reel Tool (0-02-13-17).png

EelReel successfully used to remediate completely plugged 6” pipeline.

Location: Gulf of Mexico (GoM)


A GoM operator had a 6” pipeline 23,700’ steadily plug up over time due to no longer pigging of the line. The line became completely plugged which resulted in shutting in 500 bbls / day crude oil production.


  • 6” Schedule 80, 5,761” ID,0.03224 bbls / ft, 23,700’ long
  • 764 bbls Total Capacity
  • 1 – 6” 5R Bend at the Sea Floor


The platform had space limitations needed for the CT and fluids handling needed so a 200’ class or larger lift boat was requested to rig up coiled tubing equipment spread and all EelReel support equipment on.

An extendable cantilever was utilized on the front of lift boat to easily reach riser tie-in point.


To remediate the blockage, A construction team broke the 6” riser free from topside at the plus 10’ deck to make the tie-in. Divers broke clamps off the pipeline 60’below waterline to enable us to pull it far enough away from the leg to RU on it with coiled tubing injector head in preparation of moving in the lift boat. Cleaned out pipeline completely to full ID in a single pass allowing for a maintenance pigging program to be initiated immediately upon completion utilizing low cost traditional mechanical pigs.

Plan of Execution

  1. Rigged up a coiled tubing unit and all EelReel support equipment with an extendable cantilever system mounted on the front.
  2. Cleaned out pipeline with EelReel tool to 23,000’ (the operator wanted to stop 700’ from the end) using diesel with 3% boost 4060 as a solvent in a single pass.
  3. Pumped 122 bbls of hot diesel with 3% boost 4060 down coiled tubing to hot oil the last 700’.
  4. Rigged down, return pipeline back to production.