EelReel Removes Stuck Pig & Paraffin

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EelReel successfully used to remove stuck pig and paraffin and restored production.

Location: Gulf of Mexico


A GoM operator stuck a 6”- 2 lb density foam pig in a 6” schedule 40 PL at an estimated +- 2,000’. Pipeline completely blocked, shutting in 600 bbls/day of crude oil production.


  • 6” Schedule 40, 6.065” ID, 0.03573 bbls / foot, 19 miles long, 3,585 bbls Total
  • Capacity 1 – 6” 5R 90 deg Bend at Sea Floor
  • 2 – 6” 20R 90 deg and 2 – 6” 20R 45 deg Bends in Temporary Riser.


  • Analyze the platform and design a temporary riser with long radius bends to gain access to the 6” pipeline from the plus 10’ tie in flange up to the work over deck.
  • Analyze deck area and deck load to determine if a coiled tubing unit and all eelReel support equipment can be rigged up on the work over deck to run into temporary riser.
  • Verify crane specifications and reach to assure all equipment can be placed in the  appropriate location for job.


A pre-job site visit to the platform was made and it was determined that a temporary riser could be designed to access the pipeline from the plus 10’ to the work over deck. Rental beams would have to be utilized to straddle the platform work over beams to accommodate the excessive weight of the coiled tubing unit and support equipment on platform.

The weight limitations of the crane would only allow us to pick up +- 12,000’ of 1 ½” coiled tubing.

Plan of Execution

  1. Designed, built and installed 6” temporary riser.
  2. Rigged up all coiled tubing and support equipment.
  3. RIH with 6” EelReel tool, clean out paraffin to pig at 1,875 feet (tool tagging up and getting back foam from pig) push pig and wash paraffin to 11,780 feet established communication (getting pressure) on other end of pipeline at EC346.Continue cleaning paraffin to end of coil tubing reel 12,230 feet.
  4. Open other end, pump down coiled tubing 1,000 gallons xylene, 1,000 gallons Boost 4060 and displace out coiled tubing with 24 bbls crude oil.
  5. Close other end, POOH, found 6” polyurethane disc off back of pig stuck in reverse screen on EelReel tool. RD coiled tubing, RU to pipeline, pump 1,000 gallons paraffin solvent and displace with 420 bbls crude oil at 2 BPM at 750 psi down pipeline. Customer was satisfied that pipeline is sufficiently clean, RD all support equipment. Approximately 75 bbls of solid paraffin captured in returns.
  6. Return platform back to production.