Human First Campaign 2015

BlueFin’s legacy to the communities we work in, to our clients, and to our employees is directly proportional to our growth, our success, and the things we choose as investments. Human First, our self-ascribed outreach initiative, will help forge and align our principal business values. While BlueFin’s philanthropic causes span a twelve year history, the Human First campaign gives title and recognition to our focus of helping others. In conjunction with our organization’s new brand in 2015, we dedicated our Human First energies to one of our very own family members employed at BlueFin who experienced health problems, which eventually disabled him from returning to work. 

In order to provide assistance to the long standing employee, BlueFin organized a double-sided function that would raise funds while returning something tangible to the fund raising participants themselves. Beginning in the fall season BlueFin employees hosted a Po-boy sale that aimed to reach 1000 ticket purchases. This effort surpassed our goal and claimed more than 1400 individual tickets. Upon a successful conclusion, BlueFin employees elected to host a second initiative that focused on selling raffle tickets. This campaign thesis raised the bar in dedication and focus, offering notable combination prizes that totaled 18 packages in all. With a draw date original set for December 18, the BlueFin team set out on a progressive campaign to sell 1000 tickets. While market conditions played a big role in not obtaining the original goal set, the employees of BlueFin did reach a total of 453 tickets. Overall the 2015 Human First initiative raised more than $20,000.00.

We look forward to continuing a focus on our Human First values in 2016, and we anticipate the fund raising topics to be spearheaded by the BlueFin employees themselves.

Merry Christmas. Be safe. Spread joy. Share what you have.