BlueFin Completes Pre-ILI Cleaning in Hawaii

BlueFin recently completed a scope of work for a Hawaiian-based petroleum operator. Over the past few years BlueFin gained partnership with several local contractors and operators demanding pipeline integrity expertise and support equipment. Due to the state’s geographic position and remote footprint, experienced pipeline personnel and specific mechanical equipment are difficult to acquire. Through partnerships and project resumes that extend deep into pipeline integrity and maintenance profiles, BlueFin has is starting to gain a strong Pacific brand within the region.

The said scope of work demanded pre-cleaning tasks on multiple segments of 8 inch carbon steel pipe that were operating under regulatory guidelines. These arteries were main sources for the island’s carbon energy use. Per the regulatory guidelines each segment of pipeline needed to be assessed, and the chosen assessment method was an ILI tool. Specific procedures to complete the ILI runs demanded product evacuation and temporary storage, pipeline pigging and cleaning, successful ILI tool data capture, and product reinsertion. The scope of work required bench strength knowledge and on-site management of changes due to the configuration of the pipe segments and pipeline history. Congrats to all of our BlueFin field members and customers for completing this project safely and successfully.