BlueFin and Spartek Align to Service the U.S. Land Market

Houston, TX:
BlueFin, a GATE Energy Company, announces that they will be representing Spartek’s Permanent Downhole Monitoring System (PDHMS) as a preferred distributor and installation specialist throughout the U.S. Land Market.

Spartek Systems specializes in providing the oil and gas industry with high quality data to monitor well performance and diagnose potential problems. Recognized and differentiated by their 30 plus year history in innovative design, manufacturing and delivery of some of the most reliable monitoring tools in the business, Spartek has provided the industry with cost effective solutions to solving reservoir problems. This alliance adds a key offering to BlueFin’s Capillary Services and allows BlueFin to deliver deeper range solutions, to enhance their customer’s delivery of their reservoir value.

BlueFin’s Business Group Manager of Completion Services, Wense Savala, said, “With the quality of this additional product offering, BlueFin and GATE Energy will be further positioned to provide a more integrated offering to our customer’s critical production and reservoir monitoring needs.” Chemical delivery, monitoring and production optimization are critical paths for operators to efficiently produce most reservoirs. In order to achieve this production value, accurate modeling, installation of systems in final completions, management and data acquisition systems must be in place.

“With the bench strength to install the monitoring systems safely, and the ability to model reservoir and production conditions by utilizing GATE’s patented modeling software, GATE Phro®, our team can provide an entirely whole different suite of values to optimizing our clients production across their entire asset holdings. Our team is excited to embrace working with Spartek. Their reputation and client confidence parallels our mission to ‘Make it Work Right the First Time’.”

BlueFin, a GATE Energy subsidiary, is a Louisiana-based company with field offices throughout the U.S., specializing in Pipeline, Process and Completion Services, specifically focused on technology to solve unique challenges within the energy community.

GATE Energy is a family of companies that provide scalable, fit-for-purpose services for the energy sector including engineering, commissioning, field services, and operations services.

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