Gary Zunkel Joins BlueFin

It is with great pleasure that we can formally announce a new member to the BlueFin team, Mr. Gary Zunkel. 

Mr. Zunkel is formerly the Senior Engineer of Pipeline Integrity for Lake Superior Consulting.  Gary has been involved in the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years, with the last 12 years focusing on pipeline integrity management.  He has been involved with over 100 major pipeline tests from multiple levels, either in planning, managing, reviewing, or all of the aforementioned categories as a turnkey approach.  In recent years, Gary has planned and conducted multiple, simultaneous tests on large diameter in-service pipelines for integrity verification for midstream operators.  Furthermore and as importantly, Gary Zunkel has individually created a market space for technical training as it relates to Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines, where he is nationally recognized by major operators and service contractors as a best-in-class subject matter expert.

Mr. Zunkel joins our ranks as the Senior Engineer of Pipeline Integrity. In this role Gary will lead our efforts to fulfill our mission as the industry leader in pipeline integrity assessments. In addition, Mr. Zunkel will assist in project pre-planning and engineering, Business Development initiatives, hydrostatic pressure testing competency training standards— both internally and externally—and as an operations consultant.

VP of Commercial and Business Development, Jason Foster, added, “This recruitment effort is a huge milestone in BlueFin’s Pipeline & Process position. Our team has worked diligently within the last three years to recruit a strong bench of industry talent that will deliver our mission to our clients and position our company as an industry leader. While the road ahead is considered to be a journey, and not a destination, the path forward is now more distinct than it ever has been. This addition to our team, alongside four other industry recognized experts in the pipeline and process service market, solidifies our short and long term strategy for global pipeline operators.”