Filtration Equipment

BlueFin's Filtration Segment provides efficient flushing, filtration, and pressure testing services to the oil & gas industry utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, detailed processes, and experienced service personnel.

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Filtration Units

Our bulk filtration unit is capable of NAS filtration and flushing of Bulk fluids with little to no pressure and can handle up to 125 GPM with 1-micron filter. Equipped with two stainless steel filter canisters rated for 100 psi, these canisters carry up to fifteen filter elements of any micron size desirable.

Piping size on our Bulk filtration unit is 3" for flow and is also equipped with a NU-FLO flowmeter on the discharge to measure gallons per minute and total gallons. It is also equipped with a sample port.

Bulk fluids are pumped through our filtration unit with either a 2" air diaphragm pump or six cylinder diesel pump.

Available Filtration Units

Model A Filtration Unit

These filtration units are designed for high pressure, medium to low volume flushing and testing of production, completion and subsea components and tools.

Model B Filtration Unit

Multiple system 60 hp. electric 3 phase 480 volt filtration unit.
Variable speed drive with soft start. Class one Div2. Rated.
Gardner Denver T-300M Triplex pump (10,000 psi max. 16 GPM rating)

Model C Filtration Unit

Two stage multiple line pneumatic filtration unit.
Units are rated for 15,000 psi and three gallons per minute.
Equipped with a Pneumatic high volume and high pressure pump.

Particle Counting Services & Equipment


  • BlueFin provides two types of fluid analysis systems, automatic particle counters and optical microscopes.
  • BlueFin personnel are trained in particulate counting standards such as NAS 1638, ISO 4406 and SAE 4059 rev. D and E.
  • BlueFin provides on site portable laboratory services.
  • BlueFin adheres by all lab procedures (APC or optical) such SAE ARP 598B.