Pipeline & Process Services

BlueFin’s Pipeline and Process segment focuses on integrity, maintenance and remediation solutions—from commissioning needs to flow assurance challenges.

All scopes, big and small, receive the same level of execution from our engineering and management support.

Our team has the professional know-how and portfolio to handle your pre-commissioning, decommissioning, cleaning, maintenance assessment, and general pigging challenge.


Umbilical Services

Umbilical systems are the life line between the seabed reservoir and surface operations. These complex and sensitive arteries provide critical functions for subsea production to operators in deep water environments. Electrical and hydraulic power, data acquisition systems, fiber optic cables, chemical injection lines, and gas lift lines enable operators to ultimately control subsea production from the control center at surface. This essential functionality is reflected in the operator’s priority for engineering plans with commissioning and integrity maintenance.

BlueFin’s expertise combines more than 100 years of deep water experience. Our technical range follows the Umbilical life cycle, starting with initial testing at the manufacturer’s yard, monitoring during installation, and commissioning prior to system start-up, to critical maintenance services for flow assurance remediation and fluid cleanliness, and ending with final decommissioning of the umbilical system. Our built-for-purpose equipment was designed specifically for scope fit. During the pre-planning phase, our management team understands the need to conserve vessel time during installation procedures and platform down time. To mitigate these risks, we work closely with operators and subsea contractors to maximize work efficiency schedules and SIMOPS tasks without compromising safety or diligence.


  • Fluid Flushing & Examination (S.A.E. & N.A.S.)

  • High Pressure Testing to pressures of 20Kpsi

  • Insulation Resistance Testing

  • Conductor Resistance Testing

  • Time Domain Reflectometry

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometry

  • Wireless Monitoring of Pressure and Resistance

  • Subsea Valve Operations Via Umbilical Lines

  • Blockage Remediation

  • Chemical Pumping (Fluid Change Outs)


  • Factory Acceptance Testing (Manufacturers Facility)

  • Site Integrity Testing (Manufacturers Facility)

  • Pre-Commissioning (Installation Vessel & Platform)

  • Commissioning (Platform)

  • De-Commissioning (Vessel & Platform)

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hydrostatic pressure testing

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing remains an industry standard pre-commissioning and commissioning practice that is a heavily regulated requirement for all branches of the oil and gas industry. As important, hydro testing is also one of the only methods available for crack assessments allowed by PHMSA regulations. These requirements rest upon operating infrastructure such as transmission pipelines, production flowlines, inter-connecting process piping, and refinery components. These important arteries enable the delivery and market availability of hydrocarbon energy. This network of delivery means that integrity is paramount for safety and proper system function.

BlueFin incorporates the best-controlled pressure equipment, the latest monitoring technology, and a strong bench of personnel talent combined with project history to deliver safe and successful hydrostatic pressure testing projects. Our team has the capabilities to plan and conduct all aspects of hydrostatic testing.


  • New Construction

  • Pipeline Reinstatements

  • Pipeline Reclassifications

  • Pipeline Repairs

  • Dew Point Achievement

  • Moisture Penetration Achievement


  • Pipelines

  • Flowlines

  • Offshore Risers

  • Production Barges

  • Offshore Platforms

  • MOPU’s

  • Drill Ships

  • FSPO’s

  • Processing Facilities

  • Refining Facilities

  • Petrochemical Facilities

  • LNG facilities

  • Pressure Control Equipment

  • BOP’sOffs


Water Management

BlueFin can help identify and plan water acquisition, storage, filtration, treatment, disposal, temporary piping, pumping, and movement


BlueFin has a wide array of chemical cleaning options. See Pipe Cleaning and Flow Assurance

Leak Detection

BlueFin can assist with determining and using leak detection options for facilities or pipelines.


BlueFin is fully equipped with pumps, instrumentation, and testing equipment to complete a wide array of testing projects.


BlueFin has experience in planning complete testing projects from purging, water fill, testing, drying, and recommissioning. We can help with:

  • Water management, acquisition, treatment, and disposal
  • Section breaks and pressure requirements
  • Test procedures, documentation, and test acceptance specifications
  • Equipment needs, scheduling, and cost estimating

Documentation & Analysis

Test results are thoroughly documented to industry regulatory requirements and your specifications. Engineering analysis and test certification are available.

Flooding & Dewatering

Proper back pressure control and pig selection during line fill and dewatering are important tasks routinely overlooked by most contractors. BlueFin understands how to properly manage water movement in order to minimize air entrapment in the test water and avoid column separation which can lead to air lock.


Dependent upon the end-use, pipeline assets demand specified dew point and penetration parameters that will ready the system for the intended hydrocarbon product.


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Water Treatment & Filtration

Environmental accountability and operational safeguards are standard actions demanded by the energy industry. Today’s industry-leading operators require expertise that meet such standards, in addition to proactive research and development that enable better practices with zero impact to the environment. BlueFin’s Water Treatment and Filtration team combines decades of industry service with educated SMEs to ensure this delivery of compliance and security.

BlueFin maintains the mechanical assets required for the majority of operator’s filtration needs. From offshore pipeline abandonments and produced overboard water compliance, to onshore hydrotest water treatment and fluid handling, our team understands the full lifecycle approach to these scopes. Our management can fully engineer the proper pre-planning and permitting processes and close of each project in compliance.


  • Pipeline Decommissioning

  • Offshore Overboard Produced Water Treatment

  • Hydrotest Water Treatment

  • ILI Operational Effluent Treatment

  • Waster Water Effluent Treatment

  • Fluid Handling

  • Flowback


Equipment: Meets 14 C Requirements

  • Pipeline Mechanical Filtration Equipment:

    • 5 BPM Systems

    • 10 BPM Systems

    • 20 BPM Systems

  • Well Testing Mechanical Filtration Equipment:

    • Up to 15,000 BPD Systems

  • Acid Stimulation & Completion Flowback Equipment:

    • Up to 10,000 BPD Systems

    • Incorporation of DGF Technology

  • Compliance-Ready Onsite Storage Containment

State & Federal Permitting

  • Post Project Permit Reporting

  • Sampling and Recording

  • Environmental Consulting Support

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Josh Hurd


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nitrogen services

Nitrogen Services

Liquid and gas nitrogen are transparent, odorless chemical elements that deliver beneficial applications due to its inert ability to replace air where oxidation is undesirable. This critical path use extends to commissioning, product evacuation, maintenance shutdown, leak testing, and general pigging operations. As a deliverable product nitrogen can be supplied through individual bottle rack cylinders or nitrogen generator units, where onsite supply and large quantities are required. If your SOW demands replacement of hazardous atmospheres, inert drying capabilities, integrity testing, or product evacuation, partner with our operations group to understand the complete benefits of nitrogen use.


  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Pipe Freezing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Purging
  • Leak Testing
  • Corrosion Inhibition


  • Pipelines
  • Flowlines
  • Offshore Risers
  • Offshore Umbilical’s
  • Production Barges
  • Offshore Platforms
  • MOPU’s
  • Storage Cavern


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pipeline cleaning

Flow Assurance & Pipeline Cleaning

BlueFin’s pipeline cleaning solutions deliver crucial benefits to current systems—upstream, midstream, and downstream. Through the delivery and refining of hydrocarbon energy processes, naturally occurring hydrocarbon byproducts such as scale, black powder, asphaltenes, and paraffin wax are normal constraints facing operators and causing a multitude of integrity issues, starting with flow assurance restrictions, structural integrity concerns, ILI determination, and product contamination, to name a few. Through the use of custom chemistry, advanced diagnostics, mechanical techniques, and field history BlueFin has the operational depth to solve your internal pipeline cleaning challenge and ensure flow assurance.

Pipeline Pigging & Cleaning

Pipeline pigging is a simple yet encompassing service title, one that signifies a critical-need service routinely performed by upstream, midstream and downstream operators on pipeline assets. Our technical competency solves routine problems demanded by today’s pipeline operations, from routine pigging, pipeline gel pigging, product evacuation, chemical cleaning, routine ILI support, solids and liquids removal, or general pig sales.


  • Gel Pigs
  • Mechanical Pigs
  • Pig Tracking Support
  • Pig Sales
  • Online Cleaning
  • Internal Camera Inspection


  • Offshore Pipelines, Platforms
  • Onshore Pipelines, Facilities
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Decommissioning
  • Routine Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Caliper Tool Inspection Support
  • Product Evacuation

Pipeline Deposit Mapping

BlueFin’s advantage in mapping internal pipeline deposits is deep and strong. Simply stated, we understand the need to maintain flow assurance. This critical path for operators became a focus for our engineers, and so the story continues. With our combination of electronic data acquisition BlueFin leverages the understanding of pressures anomalies with our specifically designed pipeline gel pigs to deliver deposit restriction data on your pipeline asset. Upon gaining this information a proper and secure path forward can be developed for remediation tasks. Now, what was once a guessing game is scientific understanding.


  • Electronic Data Acquisition
  • Internal Pipeline Mapping
  • Measurement of solids and restrictions


  • Oil and Liquid Pipelines

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pipeline decommissioning

Pipeline Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning operations have become highly regulated needs for oil and gas operators. While the rate of execution is fast-paced and schedule dependent, the return on investment lacks value for the operators incurring the economic risks. BlueFin understands this sensitivity. To supercede this challenge we deliver technical expertise and project experience in the fields related to government mandated overboard water regulations. By combining BlueFin’s Liquigel technology, our 35-year chemistry bench strength, and specific mechanical technicques into one solution, we have minimized project schedules for pipeline flushing routines by 50%. In the offshore market this technological feat equals fewer project dollars.


  • Pipeline Flushing
  • Pipeline Filtration
  • Mechanical Pigging
  • Gel Pigging
  • Topside ICP Flushing
  • Nitrogen Purging


  • Offshore Pipelines
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Onshore Pipelines
  • Onshore Facilities


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Systems Flushing & Filtration

Tools and systems integrity are paramount for functionality assurance. This industry requirement demands both expertise in trained, accomplished personnel and best in class filtration equipment. BlueFin’s filtration units are capable of high volume and/or low volume filtration and is designed to mitigate particle contamination.

Equally important, our field technicians are trained and competent on BlueFin’s approved process and procedures, which includes particle counting to the industries fluid cleanliness standards such as NAS 1638 and SAE AS4059. From downhole control lines, umbilical’s, subsea trees, subsea topside equipment to control panels and compressor stations on land, BlueFin’s field leadership are prepared to meet you flushing and filtration needs. 


  • Fluids Examination (SAE & NAS)
  • Commissioning
  • Decommissioning
  • Control Lines
  • Umbilicals
  • Flowlines
  • Control Panels
  • Subsea Trees


  • Filtration Units
  • Particle Counting

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Pat Brennan


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