Matrix Acidizing

Conventional sandstone reservoirs undergo damage the instant that initial production begins. These damage mechanisms can be organic, inorganic, mixed or multiscale deposition, and fluid blockages.

BlueFin’s matrix acidizing applications specifically target the placement of acid within the wellbore at designed rates and pressures in order to attack an impediment to production without fracturing or damaging the reservoir. Successful treatments require target zonal coverage within the most damaged and oil saturated part of the zone. This critical path must be complete without mobilizing the damaging solids surrounding the near wellbore and moving those solids beyond the reach of the dissolving chemistry. Additional challenges include not preferentially stimulating water production, exacerbating sand control factors or breaking down cement.


  • Fines Removal Treatments
  • In situ Fines Stabilization
  • Scale Removal
  • Scale Inhibitor Squeeze


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