Non-Acidic & Unconventional Treatment

Many of the physiochemical factors occurring during oil and gas production result in acid insoluble damage. Asphaltenes, paraffinic waxes and wettability reversal are damage mechanisms that demand proper removal by the appropriate solvent, surfactant, wetting agent, dispersant, and inhibitor application.

BlueFin has developed novel nanotechnology chemistry that can provide higher production increases and extend treatment life. Solvent treatments that use this novel chemistry on Deep water wells are only effective when comprehensive zonal coverage is achieved. Our patent pending solvent diverter uses a microcrystalline asphaltene inhibitor with a viscoelastic gel carrier that improves removal efficiency and increases treatment life by 200% to 400%.


  • Organic deposition removal treatments
  • Customized chemistry for complex organic/inorganic deposits & multi-scale deposits
  • Wettability Restoration
  • High Temperature Scale removal and prevention
  • Asphaltene and paraffin Inhibitor Squeezes
  • Water Block and Emulsion Block Removal


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