Production Optimization

Bluefin’s Production Optimization segment provides economic returns for individual and conventional oil and gas wells. This is especially true during industry downturns where pursuit of new reserves, via exploration, is not a viable option. By focusing on ultimate recovery through advanced diagnostics and application, we can identify formation damage mechanisms and customize optimum treatment solutions.

Underperforming wells typically contain approximately 30% of their original gas and 65% of their original oil. Factors contributing to underperforming wells include wettability reversal, paraffin and asphaltene deposition, water-formed scale precipitation, fines migration, clay swelling, water and emulsion blocks, water encroachment and nonconformance, salt and hydrate formation and liquid loading. For both positions—underperforming wells and market downturns—our optimization strategy often returns such mature wells close to their original and natural productive capacity.

Furthermore, production optimization can extend peak production and flatten out the decline curve during secondary, improved, and enhanced recovery phases. By removing formation damage early and often, oil and gas production is maximized, resulting in the highest return on asset investment. In short, this production enhancement technology has been demonstrated to be the most viable economic option available on the market.