Water Management and Conformance Control

The most common fully preventable factor causing unwanted water production in conventional sandstone reservoirs is remedial stimulation. When premature or unexpected production declines occur, various treatments are inevitably applied. The equipment cost of a high pressure spread or stimulation vessel typically inhibits the decision to apply an early remedial treatment. The decision is postponed until the well is no longer economical without treatment. The magnitude of damage in the high oil saturation, most permeable part of the zone is the most severe portion of the entire interval. In hopes of a successful one-time treatment, high strength, large acid volumes are designed to give the well the best chance. Unfortunately, this results in preferentially stimulating the low quality portion of the zone including the area of highest water saturation. The resultant differential permeability is now so extreme that future treatments cannot be optimized. The optimal application requires early detection and application within the damaged area. BlueFin specializes in repairing these unwanted water events. This includes everything from water shutoff to in situ CO2 generation.


  • InZone Targeted Treatments
  • Water Control Agents
  • Water and Gas Shutoff Treatments
  • Enzymatic Diffusion Technology
  • In Situ CO2 Generation


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