SlipLine®—trademarked and engineered by BlueFin—is a pipeline remediation solution that combines ingenuity and technical bench strength to solve routine, problematic occurrences with flowline integrity. In a search for measures that would provide economical rehabilitation, BlueFin devised an asset-saving procedure that allows for a high-pressure composite pipe to be placed inside a carbon steel pipeline. This procedure has multiple points of value: bi-directional flow for gas lift needs, bi-directional flow for chemical injection points, and secondary flowline containment for degraded pipelines. The worth-capacity of this service rests solely on application expertise, which allows for tremendous cost benefit and mitigation of environmental impact for sensitive geographical areas.


  • Secondary Pipeline Containment
  • Bi-Directional Flow


  • Gas Lift
  • Degraded Pipelines
  • Chemical Injection


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Josh Hurd


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