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Our growth as a company consistently reflects our industry challenges.  In thinking about these milestones and maturity levels, our team desired a professional outlet to share a career’s worth of lessons learned and best practices with our clients. How can we make our operations consistently safer? How can we insure that we are giving our clients the customer service that speaks for itself? How do we truly become a trusted partner that is willing to grow and stretch?

From this, we decided to hold annual knowledge sharing events where our clients and our management team could gather for one day and discuss a challenging topic. In order to increase the value of such knowledge sharing events and widen the circle of influence for greater application and appreciation, BlueFin elected to bring in world-class expertise to join these events. Subject matter experts that could contribute equal or greater knowledge directly proportional to the chosen topic and expand our minds and the possibilities. The desired result is simple: grow as a company and as an industry. Through these annual knowledge sharing events, we hope to explore a range of topics that many of our customers desire to further explore and develop.  

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2018 Tech Series Topic

Technical Insights into Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

To start this first annual seminar we choose a BlueFin core competency: Technical Insights into Pipeline Hydrostatic Pressure Testing.

The seminar objective is clear and simple: to provide attendees with necessary information for planning and conducting a successful hydrostatic pressure test, whether it’s for initial service or for existing lines. Planning will cover review of integrity prior to testing through evaluation of test results. The seminar will focus on hydrostatic pressure testing with water, but testing with other mediums will be discussed.

This seminar will cover a wide range of topics related to hydrostatic testing of pipelines for gas and hazardous liquid service for both in-service and new construction according to CFR 49 Parts 192 and 195.

This professional seminar is designed for pipeline personnel in engineering, integrity management, operations, and regulatory compliance roles.

Our Speaker for the Event

Together with our parent company, GATE Energy, BlueFin is pleased to announce our event host Mr. Gary Zunkel, P.E., Senior Director of Integrity Management with Lake Superior Consulting.  

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Mr. Zunkel has been involved with over 200 pipeline integrity tests. His oversight ranges from planning and managing to execution, reviewing and confirming. 

In recent years, he has planned and conducted multiple, simultaneous large-scale tests on large diameter in-service pipelines for integrity verification across the continent.


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High-Level Series Outline

  1. Establishing Test Requirements
  2. Conducting a Safe Test
  3. Preliminary planning
  4. Water as a test medium
  5. Other test medium
  6. Leak Detection
  7. Test Documentation
  8. Managing water movement
  9. Data Interpretation & calculations
  10. Test Failure

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