Our Values


We strive to create a work culture that constantly challenges and expects superior performance in every aspect of our business. We remain adaptable. We are problem solvers.

Continuous Learning

We engage our people to utilize their individual raw talent and intelligence by encouraging a culture of debate, feedback and innovation.


We honor spiritual principles and practices. We encourage and respect individual freedom to place God at the center of our work.


We measure responsibility so we can deliver on our promises. Perseverance, responsiveness, tenacity and ownership are key indicators for this measurement.


Strength, work ethic, positivity, and leadership allow us do the right things for the right reasons.


We are focused on planning and forward thinking. We promote and utilize the best practices and processes so our people return home unharmed, with no negative impact on the environment and resources.


We use our strengths to aggressively pursue our craving for excellence.


We are committed to our employees and to our customers. We encourage a work environment that communicates loyalty, recognition, and dedication. We acknowledge these partnerships as driving forces behind our success—past, present and future.


We focus on collaboration, partnerships, and alliances to drive our success.