Downhole Gauges: Roxar, Sapphire & Quartz

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BlueFin now offers downhole gauges that digitize pressure and temperature data downhole and then transmit to the surface using a high speed, digital telemetry link. Gauges available include:

  • Roxar Gauges, the proprietary high pressure, high temperature permanent monitoring system

  • Spartek's Permanent Sapphire Pressure Gauges, which uses proprietary piezo-resistive technology

  • Spartek's High Temperature Permanent Quartz Pressure Gauge which uses a high-resolution digital quartz pressure transducer with proprietary hybrid technology

Quartz Gauges


  • Working Pressure Ranges: 10k psi, 16k psi, 20k psi

  • Operating Temperature Range: 25-180°C (77-356°F)

  • Inconel 718 fully welded

  • TEC Configuration: 1/8” or 1/4” TEC


  • 100% welded gauge Argon-filled design with testable redundant metal-to-metal seal cable head

  • H2S and CO2 corrosive resistant

  • Hybrid electronic technology for long-term stability and reliability

  • Capable of either Annular or Tubing measurement

  • Material: Inconel 718 fully welded

Roxar Gauges


  • Working Pressure Ranges: 20k psi, 25k psi

  • Operating Temperature Range: 25-225˚C ( 77–437˚F)

  • Gauge Construction: INC 718 - H2S high CO2


  • Enhanced SOI circuits for high temperature environments and Electron Beam welded modules for life of well performance.

  • Reliability focused design.

  • Flexible Interface to 3rd party sensors.

  • H2S and CO2 corrosive resistant.

  • Built Around the Versatile Roxar Downhole Interface Module (RODIM™).

  • Enables other Roxar measurements such as Watercut, Density and Velocity.

Sapphire Gauges


  • Working Pressure Ranges: 6k psi, 10k psi, 15k psi

  • Operating Temperature Range – 25-100°C (77-212°F), 25-150°C ( 77–302°F)

  • Inconel 718 (H2S high CO2) or 17-4PH

  • Fully welded corrosive resistant alloy (based on material selection) design

  • Redundant pressure testable metal-to-metal cable head

  • The system requires 24 VDC to operate


  • Piezo Hybrid Gauges – based on Silicone Sapphire Piezo-Resistive transducer to deliver near Quartz performance at a lower cost.

  • Suited for long term data quality and reliability.

  • The SAU can be powered using grid power or solar power.

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