Controlled Bolting & Joint Integrity


Controlled Bolting and Joint integrity is a technical action that defines systematic bolt tightening and loosening. Due to the critical path of storing, processing, and refining carbon energy under pressurized systems, quality standards and risk management procedures demand competency verification from service contractors who display a work philosophy of scope depth and system deliverables.

BlueFin’s tenure and expertise in controlled bolting and joint integrity measures and monitors bolt relaxation, gasket creep, direct load loss, friction variable reduction, and direct axial force. Our experts apply this understanding and skill set to each joint installation, understanding that every project demands various controlled bolting applications—from single flange installations and bolt tensioning requirements to scheduled turn-arounds and new construction.

Flange Management is another critical path requiring systems knowledge and capabilities. Our corporate synergy offers a web-based interfacing solution that allows multiple users to have direct visibility into the joint integrity schedule and inventory. Our system integrates current project engineering details with the Systems Completions process for real-time, accurate record keeping. Now, inspection records (ITRs) directly associated with each component or equipment certifications for every mechanical tool are now traceable with specific history. Data within the GATE Commissioning System (GCS) is customizable, classified, and ready by each corresponding system.


  • Controlled Bolting

  • Hot Bolting

  • Flange Rotation

  • Joint Integrity

  • Flange Management System

  • Bolt Tensioning

  • Stud Extraction

  • Nut Splitting


  • Processing

  • Petrochemical

  • Refining

  • LNG

  • NGL

  • Maintenance Turnarounds

  • Facility Upgrades & Expansions

  • New Construction

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