INdustrial Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Pressure Testing


Hydrostatic and Pneumatic pressure testing is an accepted system integrity assessment practice for all industrial operators. Scopes of work involving pressure testing require system knowledge and competent field execution in order to deliver safe, compliant system function.

BlueFin incorporates updated and controlled hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing equipment, the latest monitoring technology, and the industry’s largest pool of expertise to deliver safe and successful execution. Our management team has a combined 100+ years of relative experience with integrity measures. Water delivery, electronic data, dew point, and pressure over volume calculations are a few of the critical elements our team manages every day. This value is further translated through our engineering support group, which provides subject matter expert planning and executional support.


  • Short Duration Test

  • Long Duration Test

  • Electronic Data Acquisition

  • Standard Deadweight Data Acquisition

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • Pneumatic Pressure Testing


  • Processing | Petrochemical | Refining | LNG | NGL

  • Maintenance and Turnarounds

  • Facility Upgrades & Expansions

  • New Construction

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