Millwright Services: Rotating Equipment


Systems readiness is a critical path for industrial operators. We provide new installations, maintenance and repairs, and preservation methods with asset-specific millwright services that gets your major rotating equipment in proper working condition. In order to ensure mechanical functionality in a market powered by compressors, pumps, and turbines, we ensure your assets are aligned and leveled to meet your specifications.

We provide precision alignment and leveling that assures the operator’s critical component downtime and unnecessary wear is minimized and that unwarranted risks are mitigated. Our certified technicians can safely execute millwright services according to manufacturer standards and industry best practices, reducing costly repairs and unscheduled budgets. BlueFin’s skilled craftsmen utilize their extensive work history to apply lessons learned where applicable, to maximize system performance and efficiency.


  • Precision Pump and Motor Base Laser Alignments

  • Precision Turbine Laser Alignment

  • Precision Generator Laser Alignment

  • Precision Compressor Laser Alignment

  • Support for turbine installations or repairs


  • Processing | Petrochemical | Refining | LNG | NGL

  • Maintenance and Turnarounds

  • Facility Upgrades & Expansions

  • New Construction

  • Rotating Equipment

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