Spark Free Tooling


Today’s economic sensitive work schedules demand technologies that deliver a response without schedule extensions or additional cost factors. Operators also require technical competency that execute project tasks with minimal or no shut down time. Most importantly, this technical function must transcend all health, safety and environmental standards in order to protect people, resources and the natural environment. Spark free tooling meets this challenge.

Through partnership agreements with alliance distributors, BlueFin specializes in delivering unique cold work technologies such as spark free tooling. This leap of engineering contains specific metallurgic properties that enable safe, spark free omissions during surface preparation and cutting tasks. Hot work permits and particular schedule constraints are no longer a hindrance.


  • Deck Cutting

  • Caisson Cutting

  • Pipeline Cutting


  • Well Casings

  • Platform Caissons

  • Subsea & Onshore Pipelines

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