The BlueDog: For Pipeline FLow Assurance & MAINTENANCE


BlueFin has developed a team of scientists, technicians and equipment specialists that are application focused on pipeline flow assurance, maintenance and remediation. Our technical team has worked diligently to provide the most economical, lowest risk treatments for the restoration of flow from naturally occurring, solids obstructed pipelines.

BlueFin is amassing a comprehensive suite of chemical, mechanical and thermal tools for addressing these issues in lines that are considered unpiggable by conventional means. BlueFin’s latest addition, The BlueDog, utilizes a controlled jetting technique, allowing blasting action to penetrate the entire circumference of the internal pipe wall. This eliminates the bulldozing effect that often results in sticking of mechanical pigs.


  • Pipeline Remediation

  • Solids Removal

  • Pre-cleaning for ILI Tools


  • Requires Less Foot Print than Conventional Mechanical Solutions

  • Economical for integrity, Repair & Maintenance Budgets

  • Reduces Remediation Costs

  • Avoids Damming and Sticking

  • Assurance of ILI Success

  • Permits Multiple Pig Runs with One Tool