EelReel: The Solution to Plugged Flowlines & Pipelines

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The EelReel tool is an extended reach solution to clean plugged flowlines and pipelines. With an established track record of resolving a multitude of blockages including hydrates, scale, paraffin, and asphaltenes, the EelReel Tool is the state-of-the-art solution for pre-job stimulation, production enhancement, and flowline abandonment as well as stuck pig retrieval.

This is a state-of-the-art tool that has an extended reach, traverses 5D bends, and is deepwater-certified with patented technology delivering the highest success rate in plug remediation.

Advantages of the EelReel

Projects are custom designed and engineered for flowline specific parameters, but EelReel’s most notable advantages are:

  • Extended Reach Solution to Clean Plugged Flowlines

  • Reestablish & Increase Production

  • Facilitate Flowline Abandonment

  • Reaches Inaccessible Areas

    • The EelReel can be used platform to platform, flowlines to platform, through populated areas and under river crossings and lakes.

  • Professional Engineered & Fabricated with Fully Traceable Components

    • TheEelReel completely cleans flowlines to their full ID

    • The EelReel has extended to distances greater than 23,000 feet in a single pass

    • The EelReel retrieves stuck pigs

    • The EelReel’s patented technology traverses multiple radii, a minimum 5D bend

    • The EelReel can be used for pre-job stimulation for flowlines with multiple radii

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