Flow Assurance & Pipeline Cleaning


BlueFin’s pipeline cleaning solutions deliver crucial benefits to current systems—upstream, midstream, and downstream. Through the delivery and refining of hydrocarbon energy processes, naturally occurring hydrocarbon byproducts such as scale, black powder, asphaltenes, and paraffin wax are normal constraints facing operators and causing a multitude of integrity issues, starting with flow assurance restrictions, structural integrity concerns, ILI determination, and product contamination, to name a few. Through the use of custom chemistry, advanced diagnostics, mechanical techniques, and field history BlueFin has the operational depth to solve your internal pipeline cleaning challenge and ensure flow assurance.

Pipeline Pigging & Cleaning

Pipeline pigging is a simple yet encompassing service title, one that signifies a critical-need service routinely performed by upstream, midstream and downstream operators on pipeline assets. Our technical competency solves routine problems demanded by today’s pipeline operations, from routine pigging, pipeline gel pigging, product evacuation, chemical cleaning, routine ILI support, solids and liquids removal, or general pig sales.


  • Gel Pigs

  • Mechanical Pigs

  • Pig Tracking Support

  • Pig Sales

  • Online Cleaning

  • Internal Camera Inspection


  • Offshore Pipelines, Platforms

  • Onshore Pipelines, Facilities

  • Pre-Commissioning

  • Commissioning

  • Decommissioning

  • Routine Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Caliper Tool Inspection Support

  • Product Evacuation

Pipeline Deposit Mapping

BlueFin’s advantage in mapping internal pipeline deposits is deep and strong. Simply stated, we understand the need to maintain flow assurance. This critical path for operators became a focus for our engineers, and so the story continues. With our combination of electronic data acquisition BlueFin leverages the understanding of pressures anomalies with our specifically designed pipeline gel pigs to deliver deposit restriction data on your pipeline asset. Upon gaining this information a proper and secure path forward can be developed for remediation tasks. Now, what was once a guessing game is scientific understanding.


  • Electronic Data Acquisition

  • Internal Pipeline Mapping

  • Measurement of solids and restrictions


  • Oil and Liquid Pipelines

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