LiquiGel Pigs: The Advanced Gel Pig

The "Unstickable" Pig Technology

LiquiGel pigs are reliable and superior alternatives for pipeline and process operators. Our “unstickable” pig technology demonstrates safe performance when measured against pipeline integrity concerns, or where multi-diameter, barriers to entry and exit, and multi-stage pigging challenges exists. LiquiGel pigs can maintain excellent temperature and pressure stability over a wide range.

Our advanced gel pig options include: environmentally safe, mechanical pig replacements and fully-compatible varieties.  We have ready-to-pump solutions as well as concentrate blended on site with suitable diluents.

Our pipeline, process and production optimization services provide flow and integrity assurance from the reservoir to the refinery. BlueFin is focused on the highest standards of employee safety and training in all environments, on and off the job. Contact us to learn more about our LiquiGel pigs.

Our LiquiGel pigs are ideal for:

  • Mapping Internal Pipeline Geometry

  • Locating Pipeline Restrictions

  • De-watering

  • De-oiling

  • Pipeline Cleaning

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Typical uses for LiquiGel pigs include:

  • Used as Spacer

  • Used as Isolation mechanism

  • Prevents Dilution of Treatment Pills

  • Self-Healing for reformation into Slug

  • Shape-Memory

  • Prevents "Bulldozer" Effect

  • Permits Product Thinning

  • Penetrate Restricted Areas Better

  • Increased Solids Removal Compared to Foaming Agents or Mechanigal Pigs


  • Reduces Normal Seawater Displacement

  • Some models can withstand Pressures >3,000 psi

  • Replacement for Mechanical Pigs

  • Optimizing drying and hydrate inhibition

  • For deepwater hydrate challeges

  • Driven with Natural Gas, nitrogen, or air

  • Can be weighted in various densities in brine

  • Ready-To-Pump Blend

  • Concentrate Blend

  • Pig Launching/Receiving Devices Unessecary