SafeHeat®: Flameless Heating & Vessel Containment


Safeheat® is BlueFin’s unique heating and fluid containment technology process. The use of flameless heating (white heat recovery) and vessel containment provides a beneficial and low risk operation for the heating of diesel, thermally stable chemistry, crude, and various other aqueous solutions which serve a wide range of applications. This vessel confronts the environmental exposures and risks on offshore facilities by providing 100% vessel retainage.

Fluids, once constrained to open-top systems, are now contained within this ASME coded vessel for storage. Performance enhancement is achieved by preventing the most critical aromatic components of our solvent systems from flashing-off before treatments can be pumped. By keeping all chemical components in a solution state and reducing the emission of flammable gases, BlueFin can safely maximize your assets performance.


  • Pipeline Restrictions

  • Pipeline Solids Removal

  • Scale Removal

  • Paraffin Removal

  • Emulsion Prevention

  • Pipeline Cleaning


  • Production ICP

  • Production Flowlines

  • Vessel Cleaning

  • Coil Tubing Support

  • HWO Operations

  • Heated Fluids for Well Stimulation

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