Umbilical Services

Umbilical systems are the life line between the seabed reservoir and surface operations. These complex and sensitive arteries provide critical functions for subsea production to operators in deep water environments. Electrical and hydraulic power, data acquisition systems, fiber optic cables, chemical injection lines, and gas lift lines enable operators to ultimately control subsea production from the control center at surface. This essential functionality is reflected in the operator’s priority for engineering plans with commissioning and integrity maintenance.

Our umbilical services follow the umbilical life cycle, starting with initial testing at the manufacturer’s yard, monitoring during installation, and commissioning prior to system start-up, to critical maintenance services for flow assurance remediation and fluid cleanliness, and ending with final decommissioning of the umbilical system. Our built-for-purpose equipment was designed specifically for scope fit. During the pre-planning phase, our management team understands the need to conserve vessel time during installation procedures and platform down time. To mitigate these risks, we work closely with operators and subsea contractors to maximize work efficiency schedules and SIMOPS tasks without compromising safety or diligence.



  • Fluid Flushing & Examination (S.A.E. & N.A.S.)

  • High Pressure Testing to pressures of 20Kpsi

  • Insulation Resistance Testing

  • Conductor Resistance Testing

  • Time Domain Reflectometry

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometry

  • Wireless Monitoring of Pressure and Resistance

  • Subsea Valve Operations Via Umbilical Lines

  • Blockage Remediation

  • Chemical Pumping (Fluid Change Outs)


  • Factory Acceptance Testing (Manufacturers Facility)

  • Site Integrity Testing (Manufacturers Facility)

  • Pre-Commissioning (Installation Vessel & Platform)

  • Commissioning (Platform)

  • De-Commissioning (Vessel & Platform)

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