Water Treatment and Filtration: Decommissioning, Hydrotesting and Waste Water Treatment


We maintain the mechanical assets required for the majority of operator’s filtration needs. From offshore pipeline abandonments and produced overboard water compliance, to onshore hydrotest water treatment and fluid handling, our water treatment and filtration services team understands the full lifecycle approach to these scopes. Our management can fully engineer the proper pre-planning and permitting processes and close of each project in compliance.

Our Water Treatment and Filtration team combines decades of industry service with educated SMEs to ensure this delivery of compliance and security.

State & Federal Permitting

  • Post Project Permit Reporting

  • Sampling and Recording

  • Environmental Consulting Support



  • Pipeline Decommissioning

  • Offshore Overboard Produced

    Water Treatment

  • Hydrotest Water Treatment

  • ILI Operational Effluent Treatment

  • Waste Water Effluent Treatment

  • Fluid Handling

  • Flowback Products

Equipment: Meets 14 C Requirements

  • Pipeline Mechanical Filtration Equipment:

    • 5 BPM Systems

    • 10 BPM Systems

    • 20 BPM Systems

  • Well Testing Mechanical Filtration Equipment:

    • Up to 15,000 BPD Systems

  • Acid Stimulation & Completion Flowback Equipment:

    • Up to 10,000 BPD Systems

    • Incorporation of DGF Technology

  • Compliance-Ready Onsite Storage Containment

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